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Buying the Final Frontier

Outer space was supposed to belong to all humankind. Should we surrender it to anyone who can pay up?

By Philip Ball


Planetary Intelligence

To solve our global problems, we need to evolve into a global collective, taking inspiration from DNA, ants, and our own social success.

By Sara Walker


An age of moral outrage

When people have different views about health and freedom, they misuse morality to demonize one another, letting policymakers and corporations off the hook.

By Jill Neimark

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What We're Reading

Recommended articles from our editorial team on misinformation, cognitive science, and more.

By Jillian Mock


The Cooktop Controversy

Electric stoves improve both human and planetary health—so why aren't the newest versions, induction cooktops, getting higher billing in the climate crisis conversation?

By Jamie Gold


Writing Disabled Voices

Journalists often struggle to cover disabled people. Here’s what experts say about getting the story right. Bonus: A primer on correcting the media when they get it wrong.

By Ryan Prior


Can’t Plant Our Way Out

Misguided schemes to plant trillions of trees distract from the real work of controlling carbon emissions and reining in climate change.

By Erica Cirino


Fire Wars

A maverick ecologist went to court against the National Park Service. Behind his lawsuit is a larger question: Is it appropriate to use unnatural means such as chainsaws and logging equipment to save ancient sequoias and protect public lands?

By Jordan Fisher Smith


We Need Indigenous Science

Native study of the natural world is thousands of years old and exceptionally nuanced and deep. When our body of knowledge excludes that expertise, we distort our understanding of ecosystems and put species at risk.

By Jeanine Pfeiffer


Cutting Down Ockham's Razor

William of Ockham famously argued that the simplest explanation is likely the best one. The idea is appealing, widely believed, and deeply misleading.

By Jim Al-Khalili


Vaccinating People Against Fake News

Researchers are trying to boost people’s immunity to fake news using online games and other strategies. Can these efforts protect the wider population against disinformation?

By Elizabeth Svoboda