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A Pandemic Playbook

Monkeypox: A new day, a new killer pandemic, right? Not exactly. Three biological danger signs can help us decide whether it's time to sound the alarm or keep our cool.

By Wendy Orent


The Plastic Trap

The industry has convinced us that recycling will reverse the toxic impact of plastic—while it keeps right on polluting. Here's what you can do to fight back.

By Erica Cirino



Ill-conceived attempts at climate adaptation threaten to make a bad situation even worse.

By E. Lisa F. Schipper


How Culture Makes Medicine

National personality helps explain the opioid epidemic in the United States and the suicide rate in Japan. Every society has unique health crises and a medical landscape of its own.

By Amos Zeeberg

Stay In Touch With

Blinded by the Hype

Want to know the true value of AI, NFTs, and other much-touted technologies? Ignore the news and look at the harsh judgment of the market.

By Lee Vinsel and Jeffrey Funk


Activism Works

You CAN take on a behemoth. When a polluter came courting our town, here’s how we fought back.

By Jill Neimark

War and Peace

The Water Wars Myth

When a pop meme is used to explain complex geopolitics, we miss the chance to nurture cooperation and find instruments of peace.

By Giulio Boccaletti


The Emotion Bomb Inside Video Games

Players often develop intense relationships with virtual characters. If those relationships go awry, the resulting traumas can become all too real.

By Jazmin Murphy


How to Stop a Conspiracy

Coups, murder plots, and plans to topple governments are as old as recorded history. Strategic management of information in ancient Rome saved the day, for a while, and holds invaluable lessons for today.

By Josiah Osgood

BS Alert

Pregnancy Is Riskier Than Abortion

The idea that abortion causes physical and mental damage to those who choose it has permeated our culture for decades. But evidence shows pregnancy is the riskier state of affairs.

By Emily Willingham


Who Owns Scientific Knowledge?

Pirate websites offer millions of scientific articles for free. A court case in India could decide whether for-profit gatekeepers can shut them down.

By Payal Dhar