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Gaslighting Long Haulers

Despite all the patient voices and validating studies from university labs, long Covid has been dismissed by some doctors and journalists as a contested, even psychiatric, disease. In this column, we push back.

By Ryan Prior


The Serotonin Signal

The media exploded when a paper declared that low serotonin doesn’t cause depression— something many scientists had been saying for years. Confusion over the neurotransmitter caused some patients to question effective treatment, exposing an information gap it’s been hard to bridge. We can do better, and here’s how.

By Ben Rein


Saving the Tiny Empires

Extinction threatens 40 percent of insect species—not just honeybees—putting global ecosystems and food supplies at risk. We can intervene.

By Oliver Milman


The Murky History of Lab Leaks

They are almost never fully covered by media and usually shrouded by a fog of disinformation and denial. Could this explain the culture of conspiracy surrounding COVID-19?

By Wendy Orent

Stay In Touch With

What We're Reading

Recommended articles from our editorial team on misinformation, cognitive science, and more.

By Jillian Mock


The Emotion Bomb Inside Video Games

Players often develop intense relationships with virtual characters. If those relationships go awry, the results can lead to real-world trauma.

By Jazmin Murphy


Algorithms, Lies, and Social Media

Achieving a more transparent and less manipulative online media may well be the defining political battle of the 21st century.

By Stephan Lewandowsky and Anastasia Kozyreva


Buying the Final Frontier

Outer space was supposed to belong to all humankind. Should we surrender it to anyone who can pay up?

By Philip Ball


Planetary Intelligence

To solve our global problems, we need to evolve into a global collective, taking inspiration from DNA, ants, and our own social success.

By Sara Walker


An age of moral outrage

When people have different views about health and freedom, they misuse morality to demonize one another, letting policymakers and corporations off the hook.

By Jill Neimark


The Cooktop Controversy

Electric stoves improve both human and planetary health—so why aren't the newest versions, induction cooktops, getting higher billing in the climate crisis conversation?

By Jamie Gold