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The Emotion Bomb Inside Video Games

By Jazmin Murphy


How to Stop a Conspiracy

Coups, murder plots, and plans to topple governments are as old as recorded history. Strategic management of information in ancient Rome saved the day, for a while, and holds invaluable lessons for today.

By Josiah Osgood

BS Alert

Pregnancy Is Riskier Than Abortion

The idea that abortion causes physical and mental damage to those who choose it has permeated our culture for decades. But evidence shows pregnancy is the riskier state of affairs.

By Emily Willingham

Stay In Touch With

Who Owns Scientific Knowledge?

Pirate websites offer millions of scientific articles for free. A court case in India could decide whether for-profit gatekeepers can shut them down.

By Payal Dhar


The Way Home from Homeopathy

For years the author clashed with his parents over treatments he considered bogus. Then he shifted his focus to action and empathy instead of ideology.

By Kausik Datta


Your Brain on Red Alert

In the 24-hour news cycle, a glut of crisis narratives keeps us on edge. How can we avoid cognitive burnout while getting the news we need?

By Elizabeth Svoboda


Buying the Final Frontier

Outer space was supposed to belong to all humankind. Should we surrender it to anyone who can pay up?

By Philip Ball


DNA Wants To Be Free

The ownership of our genomic information is being challenged. The stakes for human health and identity are enormous.

By Jorge Contreras


The Murky History of Lab Leaks

They are almost never fully covered by media and usually shrouded by a fog of disinformation and denial. Could this explain the culture of conspiracy surrounding COVID-19?

By Wendy Orent


Algorithms, Lies, and Social Media

Achieving a more transparent and less manipulative online media may well be the defining political battle of the 21st century.

By Stephan Lewandowsky and Anastasia Kozyreva


That’s Not What a Psychopath Is

Cartoon villains on TV crime shows obscure the huge social and personal costs of psychopathy, as well as the encouraging new science that can help treat it.

By Arielle Baskin-Sommers


The Case for a Nuclear Renaissance

Retiring existing plants, especially a problem-free facility like Diablo Canyon in California, will aggravate the real problems: energy dependence and climate change.

By Jeff Wheelwright